Cape Cod Pond Atlas Data Viewer

In 2021, Cape Cod Commission staff completed an update to the Cape Cod Pond and Lake Atlas and developed an online Pond Viewer as a companion tool to the updated Atlas. The Viewer and Atlas may be used together to explore Cape Cod’s ponds, ecology, and the challenges they face.

The 2021 Pond and Lake Atlas explores the characteristics, value, and threats of Cape Cod’s ponds. The Pond Viewer complements the report and findings by providing visual and easily accessible pond data and information. It allows the presentation of available data for all 890 ponds and enables users to view a pond of interest within the local/regional context. The Pond Viewer will be updated to reflect the best available data and information.

The information available in the Ponds Viewer may be used broadly by residents, pond and water quality advocates, town officials, and others making decisions about pond management.

Open the Cape Cod Pond Atlas Data Viewer in a new window