Census Data Viewer

Use this map to explore data including median home values, household earnings, and per capita income from the American Community Survey 2020 5-year estimates. Please note that “income” and “earnings” refer to different concepts. The U.S. Census Bureau notes, “Every year, the Census Bureau collects data on how much money households obtain from 50 different sources, all of which we label ‘income.’ Earnings, primarily wages and salary from a job, are usually a big source of income. Other sources of income include Social Security payments, pensions, child support, public assistance, annuities, money derived from rental properties, interest and dividends.” “Household” and “per capita” also describe different units, with “households” comprising “all the people who occupy a housing unit” and “per capita” referring to a calculation using the total population as the denominator, to arrive at an amount per individual.

Data Source: 2020 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates.