Address Change Requests

Looking at change of address requests can help provide an understanding of migration trends for an area by showing the number of people moving into an area compared to those leaving. In 2020, during the height of the pandemic, Barnstable County had a net positive in permanent address change requests of over 2,600; by comparison, in 2019 the County actually had more requests leaving than coming in. The trend for more people coming in continued through 2021, though at a slower pace. In 2022, the trend had reversed and there were again more permanent change requests out of the County than moving in. The month by month figures clearly show the seasonal trends of the region, with increases in requests in during the spring followed by requests out in the fall. Permanent address change requests in outnumbered those out of the County for the first half of 2023. This was true for all years, with the second half of the year often being the determining factor for whether there was an overall net gain or loss for the year. However data are only available for the first half of 2023 so the total net change for the year is unknown. Temporary address change requests refer to requests in effect for 15 days to 1 year and may include people staying at second homes or with friends and family.